To begin at Lahaina CrossFit you will need to schedule your Baseline/Intro session by clicking the box below.  Please schedule your first session online which will give us a heads up to when we can be expecting you, so we can then plan according with our coaching staff.  (Please don't hesitate to email us with any additional questions) We will guide you through our baseline workout to see where YOUR current fitness level is. This is comprised of an introduction to some of the fundamental CrossFit exercises. This will also give you a feel for how a CrossFit workout is performed.  ALL WODS (Workout of the Day) can be scaled/tailored to YOUR current fitness level. (Don't like to use a barbell? Barbell not your thing? No problem, our UNLOADED or No Barbell WOD will be great for you as well)




Based on your results from the baseline,  your next couple of visits we will put you through the CrossFit Progressive WODs that will introduce some of the more common and most used exercises found in CrossFit WODs. Since all CrossFit workouts are scalable for all fitness levels, we will scale the next few programmed WODs to fit your fitness level. Once you are hooked and realize CrossFit is for you, your next step is to join us daily for WOD's that will progress you to optimum fitness!!



All sessions are led by a trained and certified coach. A typical class will consist of an active warm-up, a skill and/or strength session, explanation of the WOD (Workout of the Day), examples and instruction of the movements, and the actual workout – and if you have any energy left…the bonus work. The workouts are shorter than you’re probably used to, but the intensity (due to the workouts being timed) will have you feeling better than you’ve ever felt after any type of workout! You can’t get results if you can’t measure it-timing the WOD does exactly that-measures your progress! You will not be disappointed! Our workouts will challenge your body and mind and even make you feel like you’re playing sports again. They don’t call CrossFit the “Sport of Fitness” for nothing! What are you waiting for???