Here are a just a few of Lahaina CrossFit's great testimonials!


My husband, sister, and I purchased the week long pass before arriving on the island. We did a random google search and were really impressed with their website so thought we would give it a go. We could not be more impressed and blown away by our experience. The owners, Tom and Janelle, welcomed us with open arms. The energy, atmosphere, people and programming were incredible. The coaching was impressive with so many different people from all over the country and their ability to blend the regulars with the visitors truly is a gift of the owners. We highly recommend it and cannot wait to come back to this box the next time we are in Maui. We will wear our shirts and hats proudly back home. Thank you for starting each day of vacaction off right! - Beth M


This is a great place to train while you're on vacation! Tom and Janelle are great coaches, and the box super clean and nicely equipped. The community is a fun mix of tourists and locals, all of whom are very welcoming. It is super easy to drop in using the online registration, waiver, and payment. And the views from the 400-meter run are amazing. I can't wait to visit again. - Mike G

Tom and Janelle are true gems of the CrossFit community! You will instantly feel at home in this box. Tom will be pulling your leg from the moment you enter. I did 18.1 here and was really nervous to do an Open workout away from my home gym. They made me feel at home and I set up my spot the way I wanted to with a generous chunk of chalk supplied by Janelle. Even with the crazy amount of drop-ins this box receives, they remain generous and open to the CrossFit community at large. Thanks again to Tom and Janelle! - Nicole B


One of the most friendly hospitable gyms that I have visited. Everyone there is super welcoming. As soon as I got there, people were introducing themselves, which made me feel very comfortable and has a great community atmosphere. The programing was awesome and challenging. Coaches were great and the owners are a husband and wife duo who rock the place well. This gym is great and a home away from home gym! Thanks for everything LCF! I will be back again. - Chinda C


When on Maui, go to this box! Welcoming box and coaches. Thank you - Leo M


Thanks to Tom and Janelle for making me feel right at home here. Was in Maui for my weddingmoon and was grateful to find a CrossFit gym and community that matched my home gym. Great people, coaches and a very clean gym. Thanks! - Kay B


Such a treat to WOD with you all! Great facility, super friendly coaches and owners, and SUNSHINE! My husband and I were both super impressed and wished we’d been able to WOD more at this facility on our vacation. A great location for traveling drop-ins! - Kerry W


I dropped in for 2 weeks and felt instantly welcomed by coaches and fellow Crossfit-ers alike. Great programming with intense WOD’s and daily cash outs. Perfect location with easy bus, car, or walking access. I’ll see you next year! - Keira D


I’ve been dropping in at this gym while on vacation since 2014 and it’s always amazing. The people are so friendly and the owners (Tom and Janelle) are always so welcoming. Such a great community and i’ll always come back - Lauren 


Amazing amazing amazing. Quality ownership who takes pride in what they do and how they coach. Extremely welcoming and so much fun. #ohana all around. mahalo!! -Dana T


Awesome owners and coaches. Excellent attention to form and technique. They made sure to learn our names as we were drop ins. The community is awesome, as I was lucky to be part of the first Muscles and Mimosas event! I’ll be back next year when I’m in town for sure! - Ryan J


 My husband and I had the pleasure of dropping in for a week. Whenever on vacation, our training usually takes a dip...not this time! Excellent coaching, challenging programming, and a welcoming community made for a five star experience. Thank you for having us! - Rosie M


Awesome owners and coaches. Excellent attention to form and technique. They made sure to learn our names as we were drop ins. The community is awesome, as I was lucky to be part of the first Muscles and Mimosas event! I’ll be back next year when I’m in town for sure! - Ryan J


I know this sounds funny, but the highlight of my trip here was meeting the coaches and working out with the people in Maui. There were three of us and Tom tailored the workout to each of us. Defiinitely recommend this place!!!!! - Phil O


We stayed two weeks in Maui and visited Crossfit Lahaina about six times. The owners Janelle and Tom were so welcoming and made it almost feel like you were at your home box. The wods were well programmed and I would really encourage anyone who's on vacation to drop in. I hope to be back again! -Natalia S


First of all they have great signage to find the place. As I walked in the door I was happily greeted by one of the coaches. He was friendly and interactive. They had a fun wod that made me regret all the beers I've been consuming on my holiday, it was exactly what I needed. The coaches are really good at making class transitions seamless. Would recommend this place to any Crossfitter looking to get in a good workout. Thank you Lahaina Crossfit! - Rebecca F


Great Box and even better people! Tom and Janelle are awesome people and the other coaches and staff follow their example. Keep up the good work LCF, your box is well worth the visit and I'm glad Ty and I dropped in for a weeks worth of work - Kyle B


Clean, well equiped facility with outstanding WODs. Coaching is excellent and the members are very friendly and helpful.  A great place for "out of towners" and locals whom are interested in CrossFit! - Bob Coe


We absolutely loved it here! The community was amazing! We felt right at home. Coaches were friendly and I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone of any stage of fitness.  They really work with EVERYONE!! - Brian and Lynelle M


My hubby and I dropped in for a week at Crossfit Lahaina during our vacay.  This gym is so cool, everyone is so kind and welcoming. Their programming is kick ass... initially we thought we might want to do the wods from our home gym but we ended up doing CF Lahaina's work outs all week.  They also have all the toys you might not get to play with at your own gym--- I had a theory that the ski erg might be fun...that was incorrect.  I would definitely come to this gym anytime I was on Maui.  Highly recommend! - Muriel


I've never been welcome with open arms and acceptance at a Box so much before, Lahaina CrossFit truly offered the Aloha Spirit with acknowledging the athlete or a fitness-goer. Couldn't explain what I felt, but Janelle and Tom quickly built a rapport with me as a Crossfit Athlete and an individual, we talked, we laughed and they made me feel at home. 

I showed up on vacation from the Main Land back in August 16' as a Crossfit Beginner, still am, but I was allowed an open workout working on squat technique & hip hinge movements with some hesitation. But because I was greeted with smiles and the high sign, I had to come back for a WOD the next day, loved it, loved the atmosphere, and the attention during the warm up as it may me feel I was being assessed as an Athlete and not a visitor. I was dog tired from travel but Tom saw this and went to work as a coach.

I couldn't have asked for anything more, as a result, I chalked up, hammered down, and got to work - got near to my final reps and realized my hands were literally bleeding from torn calluses and decided to stop. Tom came over and said, "cmon you were moving...", showed him my hands and said, "I'm on Vacation...". We both laughed and it was refreshing to see a coach respond like that without judgement.

As an Crossfit beginner, I highly recommend their box as an experience to any Crossfiter regardless of any level. As an individual, I highly recommend stopping by just to meet Janelle and Tom, as they are awesome people and their energy is intoxicating. - Shaun B


It would be hard to say better things about Tom and Janelle if I tried. They do an incredible job of accommodating all the drop-in's that show up on a daily basis. They go out of their way to make sure nobody feels like a stranger in the box. They epitomize what CrossFit should be about. - Grant W


Tom and Janelle are awesome. The gym is well equipped and clean. I love this place! I wish I could stay longer! - Del L


We have been coming here for four years now and heard that there were some changes with Lahaina Crossfit and new ownership. We are beyond happy with changes and the new owners Tom and Janelle are fantastic. So welcoming, helpful and make a great team. We are looking forward to coming back for many years!! Great gym, great coaching and awesome atmosphere!! Thanks guys - Joey and Jon B


I am a golf professional representing Kapalua Golf and Tennis Resort, Maui and have found that Lahaina Crossfit very beneficial in the development of my golf game as of late. I have been attending classes three times a week for the past three months and have picked up 15 yards consistently off my drives as well as obtained better stamina to help me feel fresh coming down the finals holes. Tom and Janelle have been great with modifying workouts to my needs and are very supportive in helping me achieve my goals in fitness. As a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified Golf Professional, Crossfit ties in well with the types of workouts (Olympic lifts and explosive exercises) that are suggested for golf fitness. I contribute Crossfit in conjunction with TPI knowledge to the increase in club head speed and performance on the course over the past few months and am excited to continue to train and become stronger in areas that will benefit my golf game. I highly recommend Lahaina Crossfit if you are a golfer looking to increase distance and club head speed as well as anyone who is looking for a fitness family that is supportive of everyone's goals and efforts in the gym. I am very proud to be associated with Lahaina Crossfit as I know everyone else who works out there is too. - Chris A 


Definitely, a good place to drop in for a wod if you're not a member and just looking for a good workout! Friendly and welcoming is the key, and they have it! I did 16.1 and it was brutal and nice at the same time. Great facility too! Hopefully, next time we come back to Hawaii will drop in more often! Best of luck! - Cody "Louisiana"


Great Box, Great Energy. I am a powerlifter and they let us set up and do our thing. Owners are dynamite! We love it! - Jerem F


Great place to work out during holidays! Janelle and Tom are fantastic, patient and so encouraging!   I'm in a wheelchair and that hasn't stopped them from helping me develop a workout that fits my abilities and stretches me to go beyond! Thanks!! - Dorethea


Tom and Janelle are so welcoming and so nice. As we're all of the members while we were visiting for a week. It's boxes like this that make me love our CF community! Thanks for a kick ass week, guys!:) - Jennie R


The new owners are friendly and easy to work with. The wods were fun but still challenging and the coaching was great. I was welcomed by the regulars and would highly recommend this place to anyone wanting a workout on their vacation. If I lived here, this would be my box - Megan M


We just spent 1 wonderful week at Lahaina CrossFit while vacationing in Maui! We met Coach Nate at our hotel and were thrilled to be greeted by a fellow cross fitter! Tom and Janelle were nothing short of welcoming and we immediately felt right at home. By the time we left, we truly felt as if we were saying goodbye to good friends. We can't thank you guys enough for welcoming us with open arms, and we can't wait to come back. We very highly recommend Lahaina CrossFit to anyone, and everyone! - Chris & Katherine


My husband and I spent 9 days in Maui for our honeymoon. We love to hit crossfit boxes whenever we travel. Lahaina Crossfit is one of the best that we have visited. Everything about this place is incredible! The people here are amazing! The programming is tough (which is why we're here!) The coaches are on it! They are watching every movement and giving feedback and encouragement from warm-up through the entire wod. Every wod is completely scale-able and the coaches will work with you to make sure you are using weights / movements that will push you out of that comfort zone safely. We had a blast at the gym every day! The community and coaching made it home away from home for us! Killer playlists actually made the wods fly by. Definitely check out Lahaina Crossfit if you're visiting Maui or lucky enough to call Maui home! This place will change your life! Mahalo Janelle and Tom for creating such an incredible place for people to work on their goals and step outside of their comfort zones! - Courtney R


Visiting Lahaina. Started Crossfit two months ago. Checked in to Lahaina box and felt very welcome. Jenelle and Tom are extremely helpful and the locals are very friendly.- Charlie C


Tom and Janelle (new owners) are AWESOME ! Do not miss this place when you visit Maui. I'll be back again next year ! Thank you Tom, Janelle, and Anthony! You guys ROCK ! - Keith B


As a visitor to LCF for a few days, and a huge fan of FitBodies CF here in illinois, one thing is for sure, Tom and Janelle are legit. Change is the greatest thing for anyone who has a passion to help others grow. Anthony always displayed that in his own style, which was so cool. Tom and Janelle mirror that success. The CF Community as a whole, is people helping others see a side of them the world seldom allows. Success. - Doug R


If you Crossfit and you are in Maui.. this is a must stop. GREAT COACHING, great wods , and Great people. Excellent workout environment and everyone is so friendly and helpful. Had a great week of working out with some awesome people. Can't wait to come back!!! - Joe L


Amazing box! Great coaching, facility, equipment and most of all - atmosphere. We had some of the best workouts with the best people. Very welcoming and they know how to get after it! Can't wait to go back. - Ryan M


Wow! Great Crossfit box. Owner greeted us with a warm welcome!! Had a great session with coach Janelle & coach Tom. Awesome instructors!!! Even brought our 12 year old son & 10 year old daughter. Love working out as a family. This Crossfit Box is the "Real Deal". Thanks Lahaina Crossfit!! - Ashley D


Dropped in as a newbie on vacation with a friend who is an avid CFer. Coaches and the rest of the group were welcoming and took alot of time helping me learn to power clean when I hadn't ever done them before. Great box, encouraging, happy, great people. - Heather D


Great coaches and environment! Very welcoming, attentive, and FUN. LOVE it! - Jessica P


Wonderful place to drop in! You instantly feel like a part of the family, the members are super friendly, the coaching is great, and the wod's fun and intense! I would recommend this as the box to come to on Maui. Thanks for the awesome week Lahaina CrossFit! - Jenna R


Just finished a week at this home away from home. Extremely welcoming to us main-landers. Coaches are great. Probably crazy for working as hard as I did on vacation! - Jon T


Had a great time in Maui, we really enjoyed our 8am workout crew last week at Lahaina Crossfit! Great gym!  Thanks for hosting us! - Brad K