Chris Armanini 

Published July 17, 2017

I am a golf professional representing Kapalua Golf and Tennis Resort, Maui and have found that Lahaina Crossfit very beneficial in the development of my golf game as of late. I have been attending classes three times a week for the past three months and have picked up 15 yards consistently off my drives as well as obtained better stamina to help me feel fresh coming down the finals holes. Tom and Janelle have been great with modifying workouts to my needs and are very supportive in helping me achieve my goals in fitness. As a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified Golf Professional, Crossfit ties in well with the types of workouts (Olympic lifts and explosive exercises) that are suggested for golf fitness. I contribute Crossfit in conjunction with TPI knowledge to the increase in club head speed and performance on the course over the past few months and am excited to continue to train and become stronger in areas that will benefit my golf game. I highly recommend Lahaina Crossfit if you are a golfer looking to increase distance and club head speed as well as anyone who is looking for a fitness family that is supportive of everyone's goals and efforts in the gym. I am very proud to be associated with Lahaina Crossfit as I know everyone else who works out there is too. 

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