Shaun B

Published July 17, 2017

I've never been welcome with open arms and acceptance at a Box so much before, Lahaina CrossFit truly offered the Aloha Spirit with acknowledging the athlete or a fitness-goer. Couldn't explain what I felt, but Janelle and Tom quickly built a rapport with me as a Crossfit Athlete and an individual, we talked, we laughed and they made me feel at home. 

I showed up on vacation from the Main Land back in August 16' as a Crossfit Beginner, still am, but I was allowed an open workout working on squat technique & hip hinge movements with some hesitation. But because I was greeted with smiles and the high sign, I had to come back for a WOD the next day, loved it, loved the atmosphere, and the attention during the warm up as it may me feel I was being assessed as an Athlete and not a visitor. I was dog tired from travel but Tom saw this and went to work as a coach.

I couldn't have asked for anything more, as a result, I chalked up, hammered down, and got to work - got near to my final reps and realized my hands were literally bleeding from torn calluses and decided to stop. Tom came over and said, "cmon you were moving...", showed him my hands and said, "I'm on Vacation...". We both laughed and it was refreshing to see a coach respond like that without judgement.

As an Crossfit beginner, I highly recommend their box as an experience to any Crossfiter regardless of any level. As an individual, I highly recommend stopping by just to meet Janelle and Tom, as they are awesome people and their energy is intoxicating.

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