Published June 6, 2018

Is it possible that Lahaina CrossFit could be one of our favorite parts about Maui? the answer is definitely YES! Here is why: 1. Classes start early enough that it is the perfect way to start our day. Important to note they go late enough that it can be the perfect way to end your day as well. 2. The classes start promptly when expected and the warm up, workout and cash out can be done in the hour assigned. Janelle and Tom do an amazing job of linking the warm up to the workout. 3. Lahaina CrossFit embodies "infinitely scalable" with RX workouts and a Beachfit option which can be less technical but equally challenging. Finally and probably the main attraction: The PEOPLE: mostly the locals who workout there (and are there year after year), Tom and Janelle who both are incredible coaches, athletes and people and all the drop ins from so many different places. So YES - Lahaina CrossFit is one of the reasons we keep going back to Maui! Definitely take the time to drop in for a day or a week or more - arms are always open to new faces.

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