Published June 18, 2018

Where to begin...
Moved to Maui from NYC without any idea in what to expect for fitness options. No support network, no friends.
Enter Crossfit Lahaina, and Tom and Janelle Ragusa.   
Upon entering this box, I was welcomed with open arms. I had always led an active lifestyle, played D-I soccer, and had been now using my workouts to supplement my passion for surf and outdoor activities. Things were about to go to another level. 
In joining, I received the benefit of both of their daily attention, along with the other instructors. I was led attentively while learning new moves and techniques and was indoctrinated into the Crossfit way. To be honest, something I was hesitant to be over involved in at first. 
The workouts changed my performance on a number of fronts for good. I found myself achieving new goals and gains in a shorter time period than I had in any of the other realms of fitness I had participated in over the course of my 40 years. As for the atmosphere they provide, I would give it 6 stars out of 5! Their kind introductions to others, their constant empathy and compassion for those they meet daily is unmatched. They successfully own and operate a Box, but they have built an entire community. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of that community and I suggest anyone from anywhere at any time that has the chance to expose themselves to what goes on at Lahaina Crossfit, do yourself a favor and take advantage. People from all sorts of places and different walks of life, mixing with those that make Maui their home, all under the direction of two of the most dynamic, informed and caring instructors I have ever experienced. 
I will miss you every day Tom, Janelle, and Sandy...but you have changed the way I exercise and live for good. 
Aloha, Mahalo..... a hui hou!

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