Published November 12, 2018


#rush hour

On the 4:00 x 5 Rounds:

12/9 Calorie Asaullt Bike or Row

9 Barbell-Facing Burpees

6 Power Snatches 135/95lbs (Rx+ 155/105lbs) *Or scale to weight you could cycle 7-9 times in row unbroken.

*BeachFit will do 10 Plate Ground to Overhead


#body armor

3x8 Tempo Dumbbell Push Presses

3x8 Tempo Dumbbell Bent Over Row

3x Max Effort Ring L-Sit Hold

On the DB Push Press
Starting with the DB's in the front rack position, a full push press to extension. On the lowering phase, take a full 4 seconds to return the weights to the shoulders.

On the DB Bent Over Row
This is eight repetitions on each side, as these are completed one side at a time, while positioning on a bench or box. Start with the arm at full extension, with our torso close to parallel to the floor. A "regular" pull speed, bringing the weight to the outside of the chest, and pause for a full second here. Following, a four-second negative back to the starting position.

On the Ring L-Sit...the aim is to be able to complete this movement for at least 10 seconds on each attempt.  Scale to Box L-Sit or Hollow Body hold


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