Published February 4, 2019


#double bubble


25 Double-Unders (Scale to 50 Singles)

5 Power Snatches (115/75lbs) (Rx+135/95)  Scale to Power Clean 

25 Double-Unders

5 Bar Muscle-Ups  (Scale to 10 Chest to Bar Pullups or Pullups)

BeachFit will do:

25 Double Unders or 50 Singles

10 Plate Ground to Overhead (45/35lbs)

25 Double Unders or 50 Singles

10 Ring Rows (with a 1 Second Pause at top)

At the 20:00, start the following...

#stamina conditioning

On the 4:00 x 3 Sets:

21 Weighted Ab Mat Sit Ups  (Rx +GHD Sit-Ups)

21/15 Calorie Row or Bike

21 Kipping HSPU (Scale to Inverted HSPU on box or DB Push Press)

**If not done by 3:30, stop and rest until next round....


10:00 of Handstand Walk Practice

If we are working towards the consistency of our handstand walking, the below two drills below can be used today to refine this skill.

Handstand Weight ShiftingVideo
This drill gains confidence and familiarity shifting our weight from one hand to the other. Take this movement slow. A common fault here is that our hips move, but our weight actually does not shift. We bend quickly at the side, but this does not translate to the skill we are looking to develop. One inch at a time, slowly weight one hand, while maintaining an active midline. Slowly shift back and to the other side. Short sets here - if we push too far in duration, we likely start to sacrifice technique to support ourselves.

Box Shoulder TapsVideo
Lifting the hand off the ground while inverted is best done first on the box, as it reduces the "loading" of the handstand. Over time, it is our goal to be able to couple this shoulder tap, or at a minimum, alternating hands off the ground, while on the wall in the first drill.

Alternate between these two drills for 10:00, in a honed, focused setting of practice.


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