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Our gym

Aloha!! Lahaina CrossFit is a high energy, FUN, competitive facility that is your alternative to large commercial, overcrowded gyms wheremost never see the results they are looking for. Lahaina CrossFit is one of, if not THE BIGGEST CROSSFIT BOX in the area and THE ORIGINAL WESTSIDE CROSSFIT BOX!
Our brand new building with 2 large bay doors are always open and allow for a great view of the amazing Pacific Ocean and give you that indoor/outdoor feel along with a ton of natural light from all our streetside windows. Helping you during your outside runs you can see the beautiful West Maui Mountains and on most days a beautiful rainbow or two.
Lahaina CrossFit has over 4000 square foot of workout space equipped with top of the line CrossFit equipment, including 2 Rogue Pullup Rigs that can accomadate up to 26 athletes and 12 squat stations. Helping you along your fitness journey you will find numerous Concept 2 Rowers, Assault Bikes, Concept 2 Ski Erg, Concept 2 Bike Erg, Kettlebells, New Dumbbells (10-100lbs), New Barbells and New Custom Competition Bumpers, Wall Balls (4-30lbs), Strongman Bags, Peg Board, GHD’s, Yolk, Sleds, Mobility toys, and much more.

Lahaina CrossFit is located just minutes (5 minute car ride) from World famous Ka’anapali Beach and Downtown Lahaina/Front Street. LCF has 2 brand new restrooms with a shower in each to rinse off in before hitting the beach!

WE ARE THE FITNESS LEADERS IN OUR COMMUNITY. We focus on relationships with our CrossFit Ohana, building a healthy community, great coaching and program design that helps you reach your goals faster. Whether you are a local Maui resident or visiting guest, Lahaina CrossFit is a gym that is here for those who want to raise their fitness to the highest levels, and reach their health and fitness goals. Lahaina CrossFit is a place where you come to make changes and change your life! Lahaina CrossFit is the ALOHA LIFESTYLE! To be truly “FIT” one must have the 3 necessary lifestyle components working together as one: MIND, BODY, and NUTRITION. Lahaina CrossFit focuses on all three of these components of wellness. Being fit allows you to live life to the fullest! We know being fit “appears” to be difficult on the surface. Many times the confusion of what exercises to do, how to do them, what to eat, and when to eat, is enough to scare most people back into their old, less than optimal lifestyle. Once you learn how to break free from old habits, and experience what a fit body feels and looks like, trust us, you will never look back.

What Lahaina CrossFit represents and prides itself on is the ability to give our CrossFit Ohana all the fitness tools, motivation, and valuable information we can to help you achieve your goals. Our Lahaina CrossFit coaches are some of the best around and are here for YOU! We make achieving your goals possible, desirable, and FUN! A few simple lifestyle changes, along with proper coaching, HARDWORK, and COMMITMENT will move you into the right direction! Are you going to be a part of the Movement? Your Time Is Now! Experience Lahaina CrossFit today!

Our team


Owner/Head Coach

Having been a known gym rat my entire life, I decided to take my passion for strength, sports, teaching and elite fitness to the next level. With that being said, and with the encouragement of my beautiful wife, Janelle, I chased my dream of becoming a fitness professional. I became a certified personal trainer through A.F.A.A, but I didn’t stop there. I am always looking to learn new things which will help make me an active leader in fitness and wellness in our community. I came across CrossFit about 2 years ago. At first I fought the change to start this unconventional yet highly effective fitness regimine. However, I eventually fell in love with what CrossFit workouts provide both physically and mentally. Now, I can’t wait to tell everyone how life changing a healthy, active lifestyle can be! I eventually found myself on a plane to Scottsdale, Arizona where I enrolled in the Crossfit Certification course and received my CrossFit Level 1 coaching certification. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

I had been a competitive power lifter for the past 12 years and have earned best lifter honors in numerous competitions throughout the Midwest. I hold some state records that still stand today! The 2011 CrossFit Games open was the first CrossFit competition I had ever participated in and I eventually found myself at Chicago’s Navy Pier competing against some of the nations best CrossFitters in the North Central Regional Finals. I had the time of my life and eventually placed 18th out of thousands in our region. I have pretty much been involved in the fitness industry through either employment, competitions, or personal training for the past 12 years. My true passion is working with young athletes, giving them the foundations of fitness that they can use for the rest of their lives. I also enjoy working with fitness enthusiasst looking to take their fitness to the next level by introducing constantly varied, high intensity, functional workouts known as CrossFit, that will increase their fitness capacity and take them to fitness levels that they never thought they could reach!

Whether you’re just looking to improve your overall fitness and learn a healthier lifestyle, get rid of those extra 10 pounds you’ve always wanted to lose, or you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance on the field, we welcome the challenge to improve your fitness and help you reach your goals! Together through motivation, inspiration, hard work and consistent efforts, YOU WILL reach your fitness goals!

18th Place – 2011 CrossFit North Central Regionals
36th Place – 2012 CrossFit North Central Regionals
CrossFit Level 1 Certified
CrossFit Football Certified
CrossFit Strongman Certified
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified
15 years Personal Training Experience – AFAA Certified


Owner/Head Coach



Fitness has always been a passion of mine. One of my first jobs out of high school was an aerobics instructor/personal trainer at Bally’s Health Club in Long Beach, CA. I would meet with all new members to find out their goals and put together a workout routine for them
A few years later, after leaving Bally’s, I earned my personal training certificate through NASM and then through AFAA.
While I was personal training at Sports Club Kahana, Maui, HI, I was introduced to Crossfit and sent to get my Level 1 certificate. At first I was a little skeptical and intimidated, as I had not done a lot of Olympic lifting. However, soon after I fell in love with it. I found the high intensity part of it to be life changing. I loved that Crossfit is based on functional movements and that with so many scaling options, it could be programmed for anyone. I have always worked out, but really noticed a change in my body, mind and energy level, as I did CrossFit.
Soon after I earned my Kids Crossfit certificate, Mobility certificate and my Level 2 Crossfit certificate.
I truly enjoy being a part of the amazing community and Ohana at Lahaina Crossfit.



Starting at age 15 I’ve been involved in fitness. Entering my first bodybuilding competition and just a few months later my second, at which I took 1st place in my age group.  I had spinal fusion after major accident in 1998. I was told of the importance to stay healthy and fit upon my recovery. Keeping my diet clean and enjoying my new givin life I found staying active wasn’t just about the gym. It was about staying functional.  


   When I first heard of Crossfit I was very interested. I joined Lahaina Crossfit after my first day of trial, (as they say, “I was hooked”). I was astonished at the belief system they had behind functional movements. It had been everything I was looking for within my abilities. So, in Feb 2019′ I made a choice to take my training a step further and became a L1CF coach.  


Through their guidance, support and mentoring Tom & Janelle Ragusa, have really touched my heart and have helped me become the coach I am today. I love sharing with new members as much as long term members who look up to me for advise and call me coach. Come join me and the rest of the amazing coaching staff at Lahaina Crossfit when you visit Maui. We look forward to sharing in the fun, giving out high fives and hugs.  







Coach Travis



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