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Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:

5 Ring Muscle-Ups (Scale to 5 Chest to Bar Pullups)

8 Power Cleans (165/115lbs) Rx+185/135lbs

24 Box Jumps (30″/24″) 

“Mamba” celebrates the career of NBA legend Kobe Bryant. 18 minutes for his 18 consecutive All-Star game appearances, 5 ring muscle-ups for the 5 NBA championship rings he earned with the Lakers, 8 power cleans for his jersey number from 1997-2006, and 24 box jumps for his jersey number from 2006-2016.

UnLoaded Non Barbell Option:

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 mintues of:

10 Ring or Stationary Dips

15 Kettlebell Swings

20 Box Step-Ups with Dumbbells



Every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes:

Minute 1 – Strict Handstand Push-Ups x 6-12 reps
(if you’re proficient, aim for the high end of the range, if you don’t have them yet, perform 3 reps of negatives – a 4-6 second eccentric on each rep)

Minute 2 – L-Seated Dead Hang x 30-45 seconds
(assume the bottom of an L-Pull-Up with heels above horizontal plane of buttocks and hang from the pull-up bar holding position for 30-45 seconds)
Minute 3 – Unbroken Double-Unders x 40 reps


Eight sets of:
Front Squat + Split Jerk
(pause at receiving position of split jerk for 1-2 seconds before recovering)
Rest 60-90 seconds

*Sets 1-2 – 70% of 1-RM Clean & Jerk
*Sets 3-4 – 75%
*Sets 5-6 – 80%
*Sets 7-8 – 85%

Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes (6 sets) of:
2 Power Cleans + 1 Power Jerk

*Sets 1-3 – 75% of 1-RM Clean & Jerk
*Sets 4-6 – 80%

Three Sets:
Dumbell Floor Press x 10-12 reps @31X1
Rest 45 seconds
Ring Bicep Curls x 12 reps @3021
Rest 45 seconds
Banded Pull-Aparts x 30 reps @21X0
Rest 45 seconds

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