Join us this Saturday, April 21st from 8-10am for our 3rd Muscles and Mimosas (8-9am WOD followed by create your own omlette bar with Chef Rob Mason of RJ Gourmet and complimentary Mimosas and Kombucha from Valley Isle Kombucha)  Cost is 10.00 LCF members, 40.00 for Drop Ins includes WOD, 15.00 for Weekly pass visitors. Proceeds to go to Kids Cook with Heart. Each Muscles and Mimosas purchase enters you in our prize drawing.  This months prize is a Down the Hatch gift card!  


3 Sets, for Quality:

15 Second Front Squat Hold (Video)

50′ 1-Arm Farmers Carry, each (Video)

STRENGTH: (20 min for ALL)

#strict press

4 Sets of 6 Reps @ 65-67%

Use same weight across all 4 sets

#front squats

On the Minute x 9:

1 Tempo Front Squat

3 Seconds Down
3 Seconds Pause in the Bottom
3 Second Stand

Set #1 – 1 Rep @ 60% of 1RM FS

Set #2 – 1 Rep @ 60% of 1RM FS

Set #3 – 1 Rep @ 60% of 1RM FS

Set #4 – 1 Rep @ 64% of 1RM FS

Set #5 – 1 Rep @ 64% of 1RM FS

Set #6 – 1 Rep @ 64% of 1RM FS

Set #7 – 1 Rep @ 68% of 1RM FS

Set #8 – 1 Rep @ 68% of 1RM FS

Set #9 – 1 Rep @ 68% of 1RM FS

Rest up to 3:00, then..

2 Sets of 10 – Back Squats

With the same loading that we finished with on our ninth set of front squats, complete:

Rest 2:00 between sets.

BeachFit will do:


10 Ball Slams or Plate Ground to Overhead 

12 Lunges w/ Ball or Plate (5 leg)

14 Ab Mat Sit Ups

16/14 Cal Bike

WOD:  (14 Min Cap)

#surfer on acid

3 Rounds:

400m Run

21 Burpees


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