#back squats

Every :90 sec for 9 minutes:

Set #1 – 4 Reps @ 72%

Set #2 – 2 Reps @ 78%

Set #3 – 4 Reps @ 72%

Set #4 – 2 Reps @ 82%

Set #5 – 4 Reps @ 72%

Set #6 – 2 Reps @ 86%

Right into…

#back rack lunges

2 Sets of 14 @ 40% 

Percentage based off current/estimated 1RM Back Squat. Each of set is 7 reps per leg, for the total of 14.

At the 16:00…

Alternating “On the Minute” x 8 (4 Rounds):

Minute 1 – 3-Position Power Snatch
Minute 2 – 3-Position Squat Snatch

In both movements, the starting positions are the same.

Rep #1 – High Hang. Pockets, with shoulders over the bar and a slight knee bend.
Rep #2 – Hang. Knee level, with shoulders over the bar and shin bones vertical.
Rep #3 – Floor. A full repetition.

Start at 60% of your 1RM Snatch and steadily build from there, based on feel.

BEACHFIT if no SQUATS or SNATCH will do:


30/21 Cal Bike

15 Goblet Squats

30 DeadBugs (R/L=2)

15 Goble Lunges (R/L=2)


#body armor monday

3 “Giant Sets”: For Quality not for time

Max Strict Ring Dips  *Scale to Bench Dips

12 Barbell Bent Over Rows *Scale to DB or KB Rows

18 Weighted Glute Bridges

14 Weighted Sit-Ups

200 Meter Double Dumbbell or KB Carry**

Rest up to 90 sec between sets. 

**On the 200m Double Dumbbell Carry:

First 50 meters – One DB overhead, one DB front rack. (Switch at drive)
Second 50 meters – Same as first 50m, but changing sides. (Switch at 200m turnaround)

Third 50 meters – Hang position (farmers carry). (Switch at Drive)

Fourth 50 meters – Both in front rack position.

Athlete’s choice on all loadings. 

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