We will be collecting items for Trent and his family (as well as others affected by the fires) this week.  Trents family is now in need of Lowes/Home Depot gift cards to help with the rebuild.  We will keep you all posted if any other specific items are needed. Thanks to all those that donated money as well as goods at the gym. #togetherwearestronger

Below is the gofundme link for Trent and his family if you’d just like to donate to that as well.


#back squats

On the 0:00… 10 Reps @ 67% of Back Squat

On the 2:00… 8 Reps @ 72% of Back Squat

On the 4:00… 6 Reps @ 77% of Back Squat

On the 6:00… 4 Reps @ 82% of Back Squat

On the 8:00… 2 Reps @ 87% of Back Squat

*BeachFit will do:


10/8 Cal Bike

14 KB Swings

10/8 Cal Bike

14 KB Goblet Squat 


#quick sand

Alternating “On the Minute” x 10 (5 Rounds):

Even Minutes – 22-20-18-16-14 DB Snatches

Odd Minutes – Max Burpee Box Jump Overs

Rx Dumbbell – 50/35
Rx Box – 24″/20″


#tempo overhead 

On the 1:30 x 5 Sets:
1 Tempo Overhead Squat
1 Overhead Squat

On the first repetition, our tempo:

5 full seconds to move from our standing position to the bottom of our squat.
2 full second pause in the bottom.
5 full seconds to stand.

On the second overhead squat, there is no tempo.

3 Complexes @ 50%

2 Complexes @ 55%

#Additional Oly -Snatch

On the 3:00 x 5 Sets:

3-Position Power Snatch
3-Position Squat Snatch

In full, this set is a total of (6) repetitions. The first three are received in the power position, and the second three are received in the squat position. In each 3-Position Snatch, we complete these repetitions “top-down”. To write out all six repetitions:

Rep #1 – High Hang Power Snatch (pockets)
Rep #2 – Hang Power Snatch (knee-level)
Rep #3 – Power Snatch (floor)
Rep #4 – High Hang Squat Snatch (pockets)
Rep #5 – Hang Squat Snatch (knee-level)
Rep #6 – Squat Snatch (floor)

Set 1 at 45%

Set 2 at 50%

Set 3-5 at 55% 


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