On the Minute x 7: 


Minute 1: 115/85

Minute 2: 135/95

Minute 3: 155/105

Minute 4: 155/105

Minute 5: 155/105

Minute 6: 135/95

Minute 7: 115/85

Within each minute, you’ll complete one single unbroken set at the listed weight

Once the bar hits the ground, you’ll rest until the next minute begins

In other words, there are a total of 7 sets across the EMOM, where you’ll push for max reps at each

You can use 3 different barbells or change out weights during your rest

Choose your weights based on the following recommendations: 

1st Barbell: A weight that you could cycle for 21+ reps unbroken when fresh 

2nd Barbell: A weight that you could cycle for 15+ reps unbroken when fresh 

3rd Barbell: A weight that you could cycle for 9+ reps unbroken when fresh

*BeachFit will do either a single or double db thruster going up in weight as prescribed each minute


#longhaul (25 min Cap)

2 Rounds For Time:

20 Push Presses (115/85) Rx+155/105lbs  *Scale to load could do for 25+ Reps if had to   **BeachFit will do DB Push Press

30 Single Dumbbell Box Step-ups (50/35lbs)  Rx+70/50lbs

40 Burpees  Rx+12″ reach

50/35 Calorie Row (Assault Bike 35/24) 



2 Rounds

30 Second Side Plank (:15 R/:15 L)
Rest 15 Seconds 
30 Seconds Weighted Superman Hold Video
Rest 15 Seconds 
30 Seconds Medicine Ball Lateral Climbs Video

Rest as needed




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