We will be doing the WOD and #front strength in class today.


#full send friday

3 Rounds for Time:
12 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups *Scale to Pullups or Ring Rows. Can Sub Double DB Row if need, 35/25s
9 Burpees to bar
6 Front Squats 155/105lbs (Rx+185/125) Weight used should be no more than 60% of 1RM

-Rest 5:00 –

For Time:
36 Chest to Bar
27 Burpees to bar
18 Front Squats 155/105lbs (Rx+185/125)

Competitor Target Time: Sub 4 minutes

Time Cap each set: 8 min

The Stimulus for todays workout is high intensity for both sets. You will have a 5:00 rest between with a shorter workout so that means we can push the pace a little faster than normal and recover the best we can between. The First workout is “Rounds” and the second workout is “Chipper” style but with the same movements and total reps. Let’s see if we can have matching times with 2 different rep schemes.


#front squats

3 Front Squats x 10 sets @ 75% of 1RM Front Squat

* Rest as needed between sets *

Optional Oly Strength:

#power clean

10 Power Clean
8 Power Clean
6 Power Clean
4 Power Clean
2 Power Clean

– These should be cycled. Pick weights that are manageable and enable you to move fluidly and efficiently

* Rest 60 seconds between sets * *approx 50%-75%


6 sets of 8 Reps Shoulder Press

4 sets of 10 Seated Alternating DB Press Seated Alternating Double DB Shoulder Press

4 sets of 10 Bent Over Lateral Raises Bent Over Lateral Raises

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