#back on the streets

For Time:
Power Clean and Jerk (155/105) *Scale to 135/95 or 115/75lbs **BeachFit will do 50/35 DB Power Clean and Jerk
Burpee Box Jump Over (24”/20”)

Target time: 7-8 min

Cap time: 14 min


– Build to a heavy single in 10 mins. Then work back down to 85-90% of that heavy single and hit for 2 singles.
* rest 60 seconds between sets *

– 2×1 @85-90% of Heavy Single Cluster

#5 Front Squats x 5 sets

* Work up in weight each set (not to a heavy) *Approx 65%-75%
* In between sets perform 12/10 cal assault bike Sprint on last 3 sets.

#10 Single Arm Dumbbell Bench (5 each arm) x 5 sets:

* In between sets perform 10 renegade rows (push up + DB row right arm + DB row left arm = 1 rep)

Single Arm DB Bench

Renegade Row

MAYHEM BODYBUILDING: Choose SOME, ALL or NONE. Listen to your body.

Barbell Back Squat
3-5 sets: 12 Reps; increasing across sets
*Focus: High bar position. Controlled speed down and up. Stop just before full lockout at the top of each rep for added time under tension on legs Rest 90 sec b/w sets

Barbell Deadlift
3-5 sets: 12 reps; increasing across sets
*Focus: traditional deadlift setup. Keep weight to a controllable amount meaning no bouncing off the floor. All reps are touch and go – do not reset at the bottom of reps.

Goblet Squats: 1 and a Half Reps
4 sets: 10-12 reps; moderate weight. Stay the same or increase across sets
*Focus: Hold a DB or KB in a goblet position. Focus on keeping tension in the legs throughout out sets. Stop just before full lockout at the top of each rep for added time under tension. Perform 1 and a half reps by squatting below parallel, raise to above parallel, return below parallel, and then stand. Do not bounce out of the bottom of any reps.

Lying DB Hamstring Curl
4 sets: 12-15 reps; moderate weight. Stay the same or increase across sets.
*Focus: Lying face down on a bench, hold a dumbbell between both feet. Athletes may find that it’s easiest to have someone place the dumbbell between their feet rather than trying to load themselves. Extend the legs and curl the weight back to the starting position.

Barbell Lunge Walkthroughs
3 sets: 10 alternating reps (each side); moderate weight
*Focus: Folding a barbell in the back rack, athletes will perform a stepback lunge and then step up and directly into a forward lunge on the same leg. Return to a standing position and repeat on the opposite leg. Weight should allow for control throughout reps. Hand positioning on barbell can be adjusted to find the most comfortable, but stable support.

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