We will be doing the WOD and #back squat STRENGTH in class today.



2 Sets
50 Air Squats
– straight into –
Double Unders ( 2x for Singles) *Ski Erg 10-8-6-4-2 Cal
Toes to Bar *Scale to Hanging Knee Raises
– straight into –
50 Air Squats
-Rest 5 min-

  • Target Time each set: sub 9 minutes
  • Cap Time each set: 15 minutes



10 Dumbbell Deadlifts + 8 Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans + 6 Dumbbell Split Jerk (3 right leg + 3 Left leg) + 4 Dumbbell Front Rack Squat x 4 sets

*Use the same weigh throughout the set.

#Push Press

3 Push Press + 3 Snatch Push Press Behind the Neck x 5 sets.

*Move up in weight each set.
*In between sets perform 10 Chinese Barbell Rows

#back squat


*Move up in weight each set. Approx percentages – 80,83,86,90+
*In between sets perform 10 max height unbroken wall balls for 5 total sets.


#island in the sun

2 sets
8 Muscle Ups
8 dumbbell bench presses 100/70
8 Muscle Ups
16 dumbbell bench presses 70/50
8 Muscle Ups
32 dumbbell bench presses 50/35
-Rest 1:1 between sets-


2 sets
2 rounds
20/16 Cal Echo bike
20 Deficit Handstand Push Ups (6”/4”)
-Rest 1:1 b/t sets-

  • Target Time each set: sub 5 minutes
  • Time Cap each set: 7 minutes

MAYHEM BODYBUILDING: *As always, do SOME, ALL or NONE. Listen to your body.

Barbell Bench Press
3-5 sets: 8-10 reps; increasing across sets
*Focus: Control should be shown with each rep on the way down and on the way up. Rest 90 sec between sets or just long enough to be able to show quality on next set.

Alt. DB Bench
2-4 sets: 10 – 12 reps (each side).
Start with both DBs extended overhead. Bench with one arm, leaving the other arm extended overhead and then repeat with other side. Loading should be moderate and allow for control throughout entire rep.
*Focus: Select a weight that you can control when sitting back and finishing set. Do not drop the dumbbells. To avoid injury, bring the knees up to meet the dumbbells and sit up with them. If you have to drop them to deload, you’ve gone too heavy.

Reverse Grip Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
2-4 sets: 10-12 reps
Moderate loading but enough to show control throughout movement. Be cautious to not go too heavy and focus on contraction rather than heavy weight.
*Focus: If you drop the dumbbells; you’ve gone too heavy. Focus on control and constant speed through all reps.

Bent Over Tricep Extension
2-4 sets: 10-15 reps; same resistance across. Moderate weight band
*Focus: Attach band to rig overhead. Bend at the waist (near 90 degree angle) to face the floor while standing. Grasp band and point elbows at floor. Extend towards floor. Avoid complete lockout. Show control throughout.

Single Arm Standing Tricep Extension w/ band
2-4 sets: 15-20 reps; same resistance across. Light to moderate weight band
*Focus: Resistance should allow for control throughout the extension. Avoid going to complete lockout at the bottom: focusing on stopping just before full extension. Focus on engagement of triceps with each rep and stop before failure is reached. Keep free hand behind tricep to stabilize arm and minimize swing. Rest 90 sec between.

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