Will be doing WOD and CASHOUT in class today. ALL STRENGTH work is optional today. Do a little, or all of it, or none at all. Listen to your bod.


#Jeff Gordon

6 Sets (1 Set every 5 Minutes) Scale to 4-5 Rounds if need
21 Chest to Bar Pull Ups *Scale to Pullups, Ring Rows or Barbell Rows)
15 Box Jump Over (24”/20”) Rx+(must clear the box) *Scale to 15 Lateral Barbell Hops – over and back is 1)
9 Thrusters (135/95) *Scale to 115/75 or 95/65lbs

Target Time each set: sub 2:30 minutes

Time Cap each set: 4 minutes at most.

This is a sprint workout so go FAST!!! You have plenty of recovery built in


12-10-8-8 Barbell Bench Press (Build to a challenging weight for each set)
3×6-10 Arnold press (Moderate/Heavy)
3×12 Rear Dumbbell Delt raises (Moderate)

Arnold Press
Rear Dumbbell Delt raises


#Behind the neck jerk:
Work to a heavy single in ten minutes.

During your rest between sets, perform:
Tall cleans + jerk + press in split: (1+1+1) x3

These lifts are MOVEMENT PREP to get you ready for the rest of the lifting.

#Off The Blocks (right above the knee) x Snatch Waves :
3 @ 65-67%
2 @ 67-70%
1 @ 70-75%

-Rest 60-90 seconds-

3 @ 67-70%
2 @ 70-75%
1 @ 75-80%

-Rest 60-90 seconds-

1 @ 80-80+%

#Clean pull off blocks (right above the knee) + clean (right above knee) + jerk:
(1+1+2) x 5 sets. Work up to 80-90% 1 RM Clean and Jerk

#Deficit Snatch Deadlift (4in) for load:
– 3×3 @ 105% 1RM Snatch
– rest 60-90 seconds between sets –

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