Best part about our “job” and living on Maui is all the wonderful people we meet and new friendships made…the not so fun part is seeing some of these friends move away…a hui hou Bryan!  We will miss ya! 



10 Rounds:

5 Strict CTB Pull-Ups  *Scale to strict pullup or Ring Rows

10 Dumbbell Repetitions*

15 GHD Sit-Ups  *Scale to Alternating Dead Bugs, Hollow Rocks, or Ab Mat Sit Ups (if didn’t come Thursdy)

In each of the 10 rounds, the dumbbell movement is different. And in all but in Round 8 (alternating power snatches), each movement is completed with two dumbbells, one for each hand.

Round 1 – DB Push Press    *BeachFit KB Push Press

Round 2 – DB Burpees   *BeachFit Burpee over KB

Round 3 – DB Power Cleans   *BeachFit *KB Clean

Round 4 – DB Bench Press or Floor Press  *BeachFit HandRelease Pushup

Round 5 – DB Lunge Steps  *BeachFit KB Lunge Steps

Round 6 – DB Front Squats  *BeachFit KB Goblet Squat

Round 7 – DB Bent Over Rows  *BeachFit KB Row (10 side)

Round 8 – DB Alternating Power Snatches (single arm)  *BeachFit KB Swing

Round 9 – DB Deadlifts  *BeachFit KB Deadlift

Round 10 – DB Thrusters  *Beachfit KB Thruster

Rx – 70’s/50’s, Scale to 50/35 or 35/25, etc..


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