We will be doing WOD and #back Squat Strength


#james and the giant peach

3 Rounds
27 Wall Balls (20/14)
18 GHD Sit-ups *Scale to Weighted Ab Mat Sit Ups
9 Power Cleans (185/125) Rx+DBall 150/100lbs

-Rest 2 Minutes-

2 Rounds For Time
18 Toes to Bar *Scale to Hanging Knee Raises or Ab Mat Sit Ups
9 Double Dumbbell Step Overs (2×35/20) (24/20) Rx+ DBall 100/75lbs

Time Cap Set 1: 15 min

Time Cap Set 2: 8 min



Bent-over Barbell Row
5 sets: 8-10 reps (Increasing weight across sets) – Athletes can use a double overhand or double underhand row. Barbell should not touch the ground between reps and there should be minimal kipping of the bar.
*Focus: Strong contraction of the back/pulling back with the elbow not the hands. Barbell should come to the hips/lower abdomen

Single Arm Dumbbell Row
4 sets: 10-12 reps (Increasing weight across sets) – Athlete can brace against a bench, waist height object, or their own body
*Focus: Same as Barbell row above

Standing Barbell Curl
4 sets: 10 reps (Weight should allow for quality reps and minimal kipping of bar)
*Focus: Shoulder width grip focusing on bicep contraction at top of rep.


#Power clean + Front Squat + Push Press + Back Squat + Behind the Neck Push Press:
– Take 5-7 sets to establish a 1 RM Bear Complex
* Rest 2 minutes between sets

#Bench Press:
– 10-8-6-4-2. In between sets perform 10-20 push-ups
* rest 60 seconds between sets *

#Pause Back Squat + Back Squat:
– (2+3) x 5 sets. In between sets perform 12/10 cal on the rower for four total sets. Sprint
* rest 60-90 seconds between sets (*55,60,65,70,75%)

*Pause 2-3 seconds in the bottom. Focus on staying tight and driving out of the hole with a tall torso.

In between sets perform 12/10 cal on the rower for four total sets (90%+ effort)

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