We are excited to host another year of the online Open qualifier this CrossFit Games season! Our athletes are excited as well as our visitors who will be joining us while on Maui and away from their home box!

This will be our 8th year hosting the Open! We’ve learned a few tricks along the way to keep everyone having fun, staying safe, and getting legit validated scoring in a timely manner.

This is how we will run heats for validation this season

1.The announced Open WOD from Thursday will be programmed for all classes on the following Friday. Whether or not you have signed up for the Open, this will be the WOD programmed (obviously with modifications available if not for score)

2.We have taken (and passed) the judging course. We will have a our certified head judges over-seeing all athletes during each heat. LCF coaches are NOT available to specifically judge for athletes at a time. 

3.Each participating athlete will need their own judge for their WOD and heat time.

4.We ask that athletes participating buddy up – each taking the time to judge for the other. 

5.There will be scoring/judging heats during the Friday 9AM class. We will hit the 3…2…1.. GO at approx 9:25 after warm up and WOD explaination with heats following according to the WOD programmed and equipment available. Be ready to go at 9:20 in the case we only have 1 heat. We will not continue to add heats for those showing up after the initial 3…2…1… GO.  There will be no other times for scoring on Friday besides the 9am hour! 

6.We will also have scoring/judging heats during Open Gym on Sat starting promptly at 9AM. Be ready to go at 9:00 in the case we only have 1 heat. We will not continue to add heats for those showing up after the initial 3…2…1… GO

7.We will also have scoring/judging heats during Open Gym on Mondays starting promptly at 10AM.Be ready to go at 10:00 in the case we only have 1 heat. We will not continue to add heats for those showing up after the initial 3…2…1… GO

8.We ask that if you have not signed up for the CF OPEN that you participate during class time or open gym time without securing a heat time/judge. 

9.We will have scoresheets available along with clipboards and pens.

10.We will have the standards printed and posted. It is the athletes responsibility to look over these. We will briefly go over them before each heat, but need to keep heats moving. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

11.Once the WOD is complete, each athlete will sign their scorecard and the judge will not only initial, but sign as well. We need full names in the case of any discrepancy.

12.It is the athletes responsibility to submit their OWN score – listing performed at Lahaina CrossFit and selecting 1 of our certified judges TOM RAGUSA or JANELLE RAGUSA

13.We will ONLY validate all scores that we have overseen.

14.If you plan on submitting a video, please contact us ahead of time.

15.Have a great season, cheer on others, hit those PRs, stay safe, and don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

*all terms subject to change upon weekly announcement – we will update on our Facebook and Instagram pages – stay tuned each



On the :30s x 10 – 2 Deadlifts

Sets #1+2 (0:00+0:30) – 63% of estimated 1RM

Sets #3+4 (1:00+1:30) – 66%

Sets #5+6 (2:00+2:30) – 69%

Sets #7+8 (3:00+3:30) – 72%

Sets #9+10 (4:00+4:30) – 75%

With two sets inside each minute, we will be changing weights after ever two sets. A total of (5) weights, climbing from 63% to 75%.

BeachFit will do:


6 KB Deadlifts + 12 Russian KB Swings 




40 Double Unders (80 Singles)

20 Pushups (*Scale to Knees, Box or Plank Taps)

10 Toes To Bar (Scale Hanging Knee Raises)

100m KB Farmer Carry (70/53lbs)


#pump (10 min Cap)


Handstand Pushups (*Scale to DB Push Press (35/20lbs)

Strict Pullups (Ring Rows) 


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