Aloha LCF Ohana! It’s been a radically fast changing world the past few days…We do hope all of you have arrived at the point that you can catch your breath and start RESPONDING to what is happening, rather than REACTING, as we all have had to so quickly and so repeatedly as the situation unfolds.

Tomorrow, Sunday, 3/21 is typically REST day. We do really want all of you that have the opportunity to rest, as that is when we also plan to!  REST is imperative to a healthy immune system.
We very much appreciate your patience as we navigate this situation. We intend to do everything we can that will be beneficial to you and to our community! YOU are the leaders in this community and we are all in this unprecedented situation together. And, as we have learned…we ALWAY pull through tough times together!
As we have mentioned, sleep, hydration, nutrition, exercise, SUNSHINE, are key to getting through this! We do also believe the power of a like minded community and social interaction is key to a healthy lifestyle. We are just as bummed as you that we all need to abide by government suggestions and law to help this situation end sooner than later by closing the gym for a short time.
We plan to work with you to help you continue to keep up with your fitness! We have posted a Sunday at home WOD if you need to burn off some energy with your loved ones. This is also a great time to get outside and run and go for a hike!
Tomorrow, we will have an update on how we can further help you to keep up with your fitness! We are always here for you as we know you are always here for us! We cannot express how grateful we are for your amazing love and support during this time and always! We miss your faces and your energy and even your complaining and negotiating!
As much as social distancing is meant to help this situation, please hug your loved ones while you are home with them. This too shall pass…and we will all overcome stronger and more present and more connected than ever!
Thank you for being a part of our lives! We got this! #wearelcf




Single Arm Plank  – Can be done on hand or elbow.  Ex: Right Side for 20 sec, 10 sec Rest, Left Side for 20sec, 10 sec Rest, Right Side for 20 sec..etc  

Glute Bridges – Video 

Plank – Alternate each :20 interval between regular plank and Plank Taps

Flutter Kicks – Video

We’ll work through all 8 tabata rounds of a movement before moving on to the next movements

A tabata is :20 Seconds of work :10 of rest

You’ll spend 4 Minutes at each station (8 rounds)

Total workout time is 16 Minutes

As always..feel free to modify or spice it up.  Contact us with questions.  


15-20 Minute cool down walk in the sun


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