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After much contemplation and hearing many suggestions…we have decided to go ahead with the LCF Equipment Rental Program. Our LCF Ohana is our everything and we too are working with you during these times.

We really hope that you realize, this equipment is NOT easy to finance, maintain, or acquire here on the island. We always invest in bringing you guys the most updated and new equipment to the box. We very much appreciate and trust you caring for it as your own. 

In order to be able to serve all of our current members (which means paying membership, without past dues, and with a current credit card on file) we do have to allocate the best we can.

We would love to be able to rent to you 2 pieces of equipment. 
We are offering ONE DB, ONE KB, and either a rope or a wall ball to each current member. There will be a contract to sign with accountability to take care of and return the equipment.

When using the equipment, please be mindful. Do not drop or “chuck” the DB/KB. If you have a yoga mat, use them on those rather than the cement. If you are using a Wall Ball, be mindful of the ball hitting a smooth surface, and not the edge – similar to removing the J Cup from the Rig and hitting the face of the target, not under the target. 

We sincerely ask that you do not share this equipment with anyone else. This includes your keiki. YOU are allowed this opportunity because YOU are a member of LCF. We have taught YOU how to safely use this equipment. This is not the time to create group WODs and take on the role of a CrossFit coach. There are a lot of “experts” on social media right now…please do what you know, from what we have taught you. If you have questions, ask us! 

We will be doing some demonstrational videos when we post the WOD of the day that will include the prescribed movements. We will go over scaling options with the different equipment as well as how to maintain intensity with the equipment you do have. I.E if you have a lighter load, we will increase your speed,volume, and decrease rest, etc.

We are here to help you maintain the fitness you have been working on! 

Coach Tom will be at the box Mon 3/23 from 10-10:45AM to allow you to sign your contract and pick up your equipment. Please be mindful of the “less than 10” people mandate. Nobody will be allowed to go into the box. Coach Tom will bring the equipment to the door for you. It is going to be a challenge not to hang out with our LCF Ohana, but, please do not congregate in the parking lot. 

We are all in this together. Compromising for each other. Let’s be sure to succeed together!



Ascending Ladder for 15:00:

3 Single Arm DB or KB Bent Over Row (side) Video

3 Single Arm DB Video or KB Squat Cleans Video

3 Dumbbell Facing Burpees

6 Single Arm DB or KB Bent Over Row (side)

6 Single Arm DB or KB Squat Cleans

6 Dumbbell Facing Burpees

*Continue adding 3 reps to each movements

*Athlete’s choice on when to alternate hands on the single arm cleans.

**And Yes…you are going to get really good and learn to LOVE BURPEES in the next few weeks


Ascending Ladder for 15:00:

2 Odd-Object to Shoulder Video *Get creative 

2 Odd-Object Goblet Squats

2 Odd-Object Facing Burpees

4 Odd-Object to Shoulder

4 Odd-Object Goblet Squats

4 Odd- Object Facing Burpees

*Continue to add 2 reps to each movement




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