LCF has ALWAYS been so much more than “just a WOD” We are here for you! Every time you show up to the box…we meet you where you are. How are you feeling that day, what do you need to feel better than when you got there?  

Sometimes what you need is a challenge, sometimes it’s working through an injury, sometimes it’s just to move to relieve stress and increase endorphins, sometimes it’s just to be in the community of our LCF Ohana, and sometimes it’s just to be there for YOURSELF for just an hour of the day.

We know! We may not get to see your amazing faces and thrive off of your energy, but we are here for you!

We are all trying to come into our new “normal” for the time being.

This may be the break you needed to:

– Not worry about a PR every day – now is the time to enjoy and maintain the fitness you are creating for yourself. How often do you get “let off easy” in class;)

– Work on your Nutrition

– Work on your Mobility

– Spend time outside moving with your family (how many times a day to you tell your kids  “just a minute”)

– De-Clutter your home, so you can relax after those long days of hustle and bustle

– Read the book you’ve been putting off

– Reach out to friends and family that you’ll get to “later”

– Try a new hobby

– Meditate

– Write/Draw


What is something you’re passionate about but never take the time to explore?
What have you been putting off until later?
What do you want to do? What do you NOT want to do?

Most importantly….WHO DO YOU WANT TO BECOME through this experience?

Do not use this time as an excuse to regress….Use this as a catalyst to Grow and Create the Life you want to LIVE! It may start at the box with like minded people…but YOU have the power to make things happen! This is the time to think about what you truly want your life to be like. 

We got this guys! Just a few more weeks!
We will be stronger than ever and so excited about our next chapter together!
We appreciate and MISS you! Sending virtual hugs!

Please be sure to reach out to us for anything you need! #kakou


Remember not everyday has to be 110%.  Use today as truely an active recovery day and dial in each of the movements.  You can do the Mobility before or after.  

#steadybeaty (with Equipment)

4 Rounds (20:00 Total)

:40s Weighted Hollow Hold, :20s Rest Video

:40s Romanian Deadlifts, :20s Rest Video

:40s Single Arm Overhead Squat Hold (L), :20s Rest

:40s Single Arm Overhead Squat Hold (R), :20 Rest

Rest additional 1 Min between Rounds

Completed with a dumbbell, KB or pack.

#steadybeaty (without Equipment)

4 Rounds (20 Minutes Total):

:40 Seconds Hollow Hold

:20 Seconds Rest

:40 Seconds Slow Good Mornings

:20 Seconds Rest

:40 Seconds Side Plank (L)

:20 Seconds Rest

:40 Seconds Side Plank (R)

1:20 Rest Between Rounds


Couch Stretch: 2 Minutes Each Side Video

Pike Stretch: 2 Minutes Video

Child’s Pose: 1 Minute Video

Pigeon Pose: 2 Minutes Each Side Video





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