The CrossFit Open unites hundreds of thousands of athletes around the world to compete in the world’s largest participatory sporting event in history.

The 2021 season kicks off March 11 with the three-week CrossFit Open. Registration is live. Sign up today and learn more about the Open by clicking HERE! The OPEN is for EVERYONE! Please ask any of your LCF Coaches if you have any questions. 

As we have in previous years we will program the Open WOD (rx/scaled/etc) for class the Friday following the announcement. We will also have specific times open for those SIGNED up to be judged and scored for the Open. Stary tuned for Details.

Congrats to NoBull for taking over as title sponsor for the CrossFit Games!


#whoops I did it again (Open Prep)

3 sets 
3 Rounds
14/12 Calorie Assault Bike (OR 12/10 Calorie Echo Bike)
11 Deadlifts (185/125) *BeachFit Double KB Deadlift 53/35lbs or 35/25lbs
-Rest 1:1 between sets-

Competitor Version:

3 sets
3 Rounds
14/12 Calorie Assault Bike (20/15 Cal Row)
7 Deadlifts (315/225)
-Rest 1:1 between sets-

Each Set Target time: Sub 4. Time Cap: 5


3-5 Rounds
100’ Single Arm Overhead Walk (70/50)
10 Deadbugs (each side)
100’ Sandbag Bearhug Carry (150/100) (OR 100’ Yoke carry (heavy))

Sandbag Bear Hug Hold – perform as a carry
Single Arm Overhead Carry


3 rounds
30/22 Calorie Row
30 Dumbbell Bench (50s/35s) 
– Rest 3:00 –
3 rounds
30 GHD Sit Ups
100 Double Unders

Target time workout 1: sub 9 minutes

Time cap workout 1: 12 minutes

Target time workout 2: 6-7 minutes

Time cap workout 2: 9 minutes

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