Aloha LCF Ohana! We are using this time away from the box to help others in our community and to continue to move forward in bringing you an improved Lahaina CrossFit. With that said, we are selling 12 of our older Plyometric Big boxes for 60.00 each that you can use at home. We would like to get these sold and new boxes ordered by April 6th so they can be ready by April 30th. We are going to purchase brand new boxes, here locally, from Hibiscus Woodworking in Kula. We are helping our community help us!

Please let us know if interested. Payment via Vennmo, PayPal or Cash.


:60 Jog in place, Jumping jacks, Mountain climbers 
6 Inchworms Video
6 DB Strict Press per side* (Sub Inverted HSPU from Floor or us KB if its light enough)
6 Broad Jumps Video

:40 Jog in place, Jumping jacks, Mountain climbers 
4 Inchworms 
4 DB Strict Press per side*
4 Broad Jumps 

:20 Jog in place, Jumping jacks, Mountain climbers  
2 Inchworms 
2 DB Strict Press per side*
2 Broad Jumps 

*Performed with light DB




400 Meter Run (400m Run is typically 1:30-2:00, Run :45 or :60 one direction, turn around and come back.  *After 1st run put a mark at turnaround so you can run there each time)

Max Strict Pull-Ups  *Sub 10 Bent over DB or KB rows per side.  2 second count on way down if using DB/KB Video  or can sub 10 Bent Over Barbell Rows with weight you can do 10 Reps with.  Video

*Looking to get 4-6 Rounds today.  Get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

**If no equipment, sub 20 Alternating Jumping Split Lunges…this will be a leg burner if going this route. 



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