ANNOUNCEMENT: For you early birds……we will now be open at 5am on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Open Gym starting Tuesday, May 23rd. (Please be sure to have a phone number and email on file in our system so you can receive text alerts and emails in case of any last minute schedule changes)

At Lahaina CrossFit, we invest a lot of time and resources into our programming. Currently, our daily WODS along with our Strength/Accessory and Finishers will be available upon arrival at the gym. They will be on the good ole white board for our Ohana.  We will continue to post all of the movements for the day for those who like to mentally prepare ahead of time, as well as for our Drop In guests to plan their visits accordingly.  This will also allow everyone to wear the proper attire and bring the necessary gear.  We all know CrossFitters love their gear! 

We know some of you just need to know the WOD before so….

*Current Lahaina CrossFit members and paid drop ins can now access our entire Daily WODs via WODHOPPER found on the main page of our website. You will need to sign in to WODHOPPER (check your email for details)*

The rep scheme, energy systems, progressions, modifications/scales, time caps and coaching tips will all be on the white board (and now WODHOPPER). These items will also be discussed during our CrossFit classes.  Our weeks will continue with the same programming structure of Constantly Varied workouts Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Fridays, Thursdays being an Active Recovery day, and Saturdays being a fun partner WOD. 

Mahalo to all of you for trusting Lahaina CrossFit to lead the way for a healthier, fitter, and better YOU! 

**If visiting and you like our programming please send an email to to see how you can subscribe to our daily WODs and our Maui Muscle (Full Body – traditional bodybuilding program.



Squat Cleans

Front Squats

Back Squats – strength


Come on in and see!

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