#nasty nancy (Time Cap 35 min)

5rds for time:

500m Run

15 Overhead Squats (135/95lbs) Rx+185/125

15 Bar Facing Burpee

Competitor Target Time: 25 min

This is a great triplet to test our aerobic capacity along with how we manage a large volume of overhead squats. 

Run: we want a controlled moderate/fast effort (70-80% intensity). You should be able to pick up the bar immediately after your run without having to take more than a few breaths. 

Overhead Squats: This weight should be challenging but not over 60% 1RM. You should be able to do the first 2 rounds in 1-2 sets. You should never have to do more than 3 sets. 

Bar facing burpees: Control your pace here and try to not stop moving any. On round 5, go all out!

We will mainly focus on the WOD for class today. If wanting more fitness complete the squat clean, jerks, bench press and chin up strength in that order.


#squat cleans

3 Rounds (All Singles)
1 Squat Cleans (75-80%)
1 Squat Cleans (85-90%)
1 Squat Cleans (90%+)
– rest 2-3 minutes between sets –

#push jerks

2 Push Jerks x 6 (3 sec Pause in the catch)

#bench press

3 Bench Press x10 (70-80%)

#weighted chin up

Work to heavy 2
4×10 @30-40% of heavy 2

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