We will be doing the WOD and Bench Press STRENGTH in class today.


#truett cathy

5 sets (1 set every 3:00)

10 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24”/20”)

10 Overhead Squats (135/95). *Scale to 115/75lbs or 95/65lbs **Scale to Front Squats if need as well

  • Competitor Target Time each set: sub 1 minute 45 seconds
  • Time Cap each set: 2 minutes 30 seconds
  • This workout is focused on smooth, fast efforts with fast burpees and positioning being key.
  • How it should Feel: Aggressive. We want each interval to be unbroken and fast. You shouldn’t stop moving at any point!
  • Burpee Box Jump Overs: We want these fast! This is a great workout to work on your speed with these as well as holding onto a faster speed than you normally do here.
  • Overhead Squats: This weight should be light/moderate to moderate (not over 60% of 1RM OHS). All sets should be unbroken, even if it is a challenge to do so. Take any extra time needed to open those hips and thoracic spine up beforehand for a great workout.


#snatch push press

8 Snatch Push Press @70%
6 Snatch Push Press @80%
4 Snatch Push Press @90%
2 Snatch Push Press @90+
*Building to a heavy set of 2.

#bench press

8 Bench Press @70%
6 Bench Press @75%
4 Bench Press @85%
4 Bench Press @90%

#box back squat

8 Box Back Squat @55%
6 Box Back Squat @70%
4 Box Back Squat @80%
3 Box Back Squat @90%
*Go to parallel.
**Build to heavy set of 3.

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