Unbroken Clean and Jerks

A good ball park range to visualize in this workout, which will naturally vary on athletes, is between 55-65% of our 1RM Clean and Jerk or something we could complete unbroken for 15-20 Reps

Score is your weight selection, which is held across the entire 15-12-9. We do not climb between sets, but rather decrease the volume per set recognizing how fatigue is setting in.

Elegantly programming, the 12’s and 9’s feel just as challenging as the initial 15.

This is a classical CrossFit benchmark created by Greg Glassman in the original CrossFit Santa Cruz.

Rest is built into today’s workout.

Complete the set of 15’s on the 0:00.

Complete the set of 12’s on the 5:00.

Complete the set of 9’s on the 10:00.

BeachFit will do: (10 Min Cap)

For Time

200m Run

21 Plate Ground to Overhead (45/25lbs)

200m Run

15 Plate Ground to Overhead

200m Run

9 Plate Ground to Overhead

200m Run

15 Plate Ground to Overhead

200m Run

21 Plate Ground to Overhead

At the 15:00, everyone will complete…

#midline fun

Ab Mat Sit Ups 

42-36-30-24-18  *Rx+ Cut reps in half for GHD SitUps

Assault Bike Calories/Row or Ski Erg





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